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Johann Rosario
Johann Rosario

Wall Street Journal, Goldman Sachs, Scientific American, Dow Jones, Disney/Pixar, Cisco, Dove, IBM, Nikon, Spectrum Reach: UX • DESIGN • VISUALIZATION

agile methodologies, data visualization, data-driven research, html5 • css3 • javascript, interaction design, machine learning, material design, mobile, prototype, science graphics, scrum, ui, ux, visual design

  1. Processing.JS iOS Resume Visualization dataviz html6 css4 science illustrator scientific american sciam disney pixar math best dow jones wall street journal nikon processing.js ios goldman sachs ogilvy interactive
  2. UX Development at Spectrum Reach uiux ui bootstrap scrum agile ux html5 animation branding design 3d
  3. N-Body Simulation quantum mechanics chaos theory html6 css4 science illustration scientific american sciam galaxy n-body problem math d3.js science ios physics
  4. STAGETECH UI/UX product architecture production lighting audio responsive canvas elements 3d css
  5. Interaction Design machine learning dataviz css4 html6 design interaction
  6. H. G. Wells immersive literature html6 css4 technology scientific american science illustration sciam music illustration h. g. wells game e-book art animations
  7. Client List machine learning dataviz logo css4 html6 sciam pixar wall street journal goldman sachs disney
  8. Application Mobile Emulator quantum supremacy quantum mechanics strange attractor strange attractor peter de jong attractors lorenz attractor chaos theory application android dataviz science illustration mobile ui ios
  9. Wave Equations - Green Graph 2 quantum supremacy quantum mechanics emulator dataviz mit
  10. Nikon Service and Support css4 html6 mobile ios nikon service and support
  11. DISNEY ANIMATION 2 baby einstein where the wild thing are chronicles of narnia the incredibles flash motion graphics animation disney
  12. Interactive Force Awakens Poster best 3d game design star wars r2d2 poster han solo gif c3po bb8 javascript css3 css
  13. THE PRODUCT IS THE MARKETING adobe flash actionscript html5 animation interactive design branding product imaging
  14. Ogilvy & Mathers - Dove Campaign for Real Beauty beauty real for campaign dove
  15. Nikon Data Globe css4 html6 d3.js globe data visualization
  16. Magnetic Resonance Imaging - MRI machine learning quantum mechanics css4 html6 science illustration scientific american scam medicine radiology math mri mit xray x-ray best magnetic resonance imaging medical visualization
  17. The Shape of Things to Come – H. G. Wells immersive  literature html6 css4 science illustration game scientific american animations sciam technology music illustration h. g. wells e-book art
  18. My iOS Resume Visualized in D3.JS dataviz best resume chart d3.js canvas css3 html5 ios d3
  19. Resume: Skills Animating Chart -1994-2016 dataviz science illustration scientific american sciam math mit best data visualization d3.js goldman sachs disney ogilvy interactive wall street journal html5 css3 ios
  20. iOS Menu css4 html6 science illustration sciam math met best data visualization best interactive ios particle nodes interaction css transform isometric
  21. Visualizing Invisible Mobile infrastructures machine learning dataviz css4 html6 webgl ios ipad maps css3
  22. Responsive Simulation in CSS interactive gallery css html5 3d
  23. PTOLOMY.COM html5 css4 animation logo design branding
  24. UI-UX Resume Visualization in iOS dataviz html6 css4 science illustrator mit processing ux ui mobile d3.js css3 canvas d3 ios
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